Thursday, July 31, 2014

Managing the Wait + August Stats

When you're expecting to wait days, weeks, months, or even years for a single call, how tough is it to manage the wait?  For us, we have already waited 56 days.  Two months have gone by pretty fast, and it's strange to realize that over 50 days have gone by already.  Of course, there are occasional reminders that bring the wait to the forefront with thoughts like:

"I don't want to go to work today... it would be awesome if we got the call!"

Some of the thoughts like this are silly and make me smile.  Other times I catch myself dwelling on it more than I should.  Especially because dwelling on it won't change anything.  Time is starting to add up for us, but we have still waited a relatively short time.  Managing the wait is a huge topic for adoptive families.  It's one that our agency really focuses on as for many families, it can be tough to wait day after day for any sort of news about being selected.  Eventually, most families are picked.  It just takes time.

August Statistics
It's been relatively quiet in the pool.  The total number of families is the same and only 2 new families entered the waiting pool with 3 leaving and 1 returning.

Since we entered the waiting pool on June 5th, 9 other families have joined.

Looking back from today to January, 32 families have entered the pool since the start of the year and none of them have left the pool.  In total, that's a minimum wait of 7 months.  While this doesn't mean we're automatically going to wait 7 months, it does provide some perspective as to how we should be managing our wait.