Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who Wants a Baby? - May Edition

Even though we are not in the waiting pool yet, it seems fun to share/track some statistics about the waiting pool.  Each birthmom/birthfamily may select an adoptive family for different reasons.  This is just a new type of post that we'll do every month or so to share a summary of the waiting pool, how it changes over time, and provide a snapshot of what birthmoms/birthfamilies might be seeing.

Total Number of Families -82

Couples - 78 (95%)
Single - 4 (5%)

Heterosexual - 49 (60%)
Gay - 18 (22%)
Lesbian - 11 (13%)
Single - 4 (5%)


  1. Today I learned that Google Chrome does not play nicely with Blogger.
    I think this is really cool! What's it like for you to know that there are 82 families in the waiting pool? Does a high/low number cause you to feel like your placement will be longer/shorter? Or, because what a birthmom values in a family is so varied and individualistic, does the number of people in the waiting pool have little bearing on how you view your "chances" (for lack of a better word) of getting a placement?

    - Tatiana

  2. Heh that's surprising since they're both Google products. Yay for Google! :)

    The total number of families in the waiting pool has edged upwards over the past few months. That does add a bit of stress since we will likely have a longer waiting time in the pool. Of course, that is also good for us because it helps set a realistic expectation that we will be waiting a while to get picked.