Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pool Entry is Just Around the Corner!

Since Andy and I have been referencing "June/July" for a little while about our preparations to enter our agency's "Waiting Pool," I wanted to give a quick update on how that's going.  As you can tell from the title of this post, we're really close to entering the pool!


Ok... when we say "Waiting Pool," that doesn't mean we're going to jump into a real swimming pool.  That sounds like fun though!

 No... it's not like a game of "pool"/billiards either.


And sadly, it's not a game of pool, in an actual pool.  But this is just freakin' awesome!

So more seriously, our agency's "Waiting Pool" is something that we've referenced a few times.  We have even provided stats on it.  Just for fun, maybe it's time for a quick refresher!

What is this "Waiting Pool?"
With OA&FS, this is the group of adoptive families that are waiting to be selected by a birthfamily.  To enter the pool, each of these waiting families must have completed a barrage of paperwork, paid a chunk of the overall fees, and had their home approved as "safe" for a baby.

Why is entering the "Waiting Pool important?"
As our end goal with the whole adoption is to actually complete an adoption, the step of entering the waiting pool is really important.  Until we enter the pool, we can not be chosen which means no babies for us!

How soon until you enter the pool?
We don't know for sure, but we are finalizing some of our paperwork with our counselor, Katie, who will just be getting back from a week long vacation next week.  Some of that paperwork included writing a draft Family Introduction Letter which has text that will be used to introduce us to birthfamilies and be posted on the website for our profiles.  That's the big one since we had to sum up everything about us in less than a page!  In general, we're looking at being in the pool in less than two weeks.  No guarantees, but we have our fingers crossed!

So... this means you're getting a baby in July, right?
Technically, we can be picked by a birthfamily at any time once we're in the pool.  However, it is extremely likely that we will be in the pool for several months or years before we are picked.  We have been watching the Waiting Pool for more than 4 months, and none of the new families that have entered the pool over that time have left it.  Our perspective is that once we enter the pool, we'll be "pregnant."  We just won't know our due date!


  1. Congratulations on almost being pregnant!!

  2. How totally exciting that you are almost in the Waiting Pool. Umm, is that "Waiting Pool", or "Wading Pool"?
    I normally see lots of babies in Wading Pools in the summer, and this is summer. So I'm glad you are entering the Waiting/Wading Pool in the summer :)
    Mom/Mel/Grandma Mel

  3. I love this site. Just discovered you guys. My partner and I are signed up for OAFS's October seminar (in PDX). I am already reading each and every post to "catch up" to this one.

    I ***dream*** of the "wading pool"!!!

  4. Welcome to the blog! Hopefully all of our posts turn out to be an interesting read for you and your partner :)