Friday, August 22, 2014

79 Days - Entering New Territory!

Today, August 22nd, marks a special occasion for our time in the waiting pool.  Our first time around in the waiting pool lasted a shockingly short 2 1/2 months -- or more precisely, 79 days.  We still feel very lucky to have been picked by such a wonderful birthmother so quickly and to now have such a great little boy in our family.

This time around, we're gearing ourselves up for what matches up to a more "typical" stay in the waiting pool.  That effort to develop a mindset of moderately optimistic realism is validated today as we have now officially been waiting 79 days.

Looking ahead, this means that we actually have to be proactive about mentally managing our wait in the pool.  One thing we have on our side is Dominic's endless supply of energy!  He's always moving, excited to explore new things, and read new books which certainly keeps us busy as well!

Leaning against a tree at the park

Occupying 3rd base
Taking a break with Papa on a walk

In addition to all of our regular activities with Dominic, we recently got in a visit with Dominic's birth mother, Carly.  We all had a great time hanging out together playing at a combo playground-sprayground.  Dominic loved the water, play structures....and the mulch.  To recharge after all that playing, we all made an impromptu (and tasty) stop by a Dairy Queen for blizzards.  I'm really glad that Dominic enjoys seeing Carly and that we all have fun during these trips.  It is even better now that Dominic is eagerly saying names these days and can easily say "Carly" before he runs and gives her a hug.

Dominic showing his birthmom Carly how to play with mulch!

For us as the adoptive parents, we have the regular need that typical parents have for personal time on top of the background need to manage our wait in the pool.  Besides taking care of Dominic, life at work, and things around the house, we're really trying to focus on things that keep us active and happy.

Andy recently gave me the thumbs up to go get a kayak.  It's something I've talked about doing for years and finally did!  So far, I've been out on the water twice, and it's amazing.  The ability to be out in the kayak free from responsibilities and meeting the needs of others is refreshing.  It also makes for a good workout too!

The view from my kayak on Lake Washington

So... we're now 79 days in with potentially many more to go?  Who knows!  We won't know how many days are left until we get the call.  It could be today or it could be a ways down the road.

Just for fun, the earliest prediction from our prediction post was November 12, 2014 (Elise).  While today is #79 in the pool, Nov 12th is day #161.  Strange to realize that we're only at the halfway point to the earliest prediction!

A lot can happen in life over 79 days.  With our next semi-milestone in 82 days, there will likely be plenty more things that mark the passage of time.  While I know I will still continue to keep one eye on the waiting pool and our ever increasing time in the pool, we already have a wedding to celebrate, Halloween outfits to prep, and a 2nd birthday to plan for.  Whether we're consciously trying to make it happen or not, our life is helping us manage the wait.

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