Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marriage and Family

With current events this past week, I wanted to use this weekend's post to delve into their importance for us.  On Monday, our governor signed into law a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington.  Shortly afterwards, New Jersey's legislature voted to approve same-sex marriage as well.  Friday, Maryland took a leap forward with an unexpected vote in support of marriage too.  While all of this is momentous, I'm going to try to sidestep the political element of these events because this is actually an adoption blog.  (Crazy!)

Naturally, we are on the path to adoption because we, as two men, can not have kids on our own.  However, I really believe that it is important for our family to represent what all families strive to be, a loving, stable, and happy family.  When people love each other in our society, they get married.  We think it's important to be married because it shows our commitment to each other and our children.  Marriage is a lifelong commitment - just like adoption.

In July of 2010, Andy and I got married.  While we use the term "married," we have technically been in a domestic partnership.  As we tend to forge our own path a lot of times, using the term marriage felt right.  We also knew that there would be a time in the future when marriage equality would become a reality for us.  With some luck, our first child will be able to be welcomed into a household with married parents which is truly exciting!

Our wedding photos are by Amelia Soper Photography. Can't recommend her highly enough!

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