Sunday, July 1, 2012

Who Wants a Baby? - July Edition

Time for the third edition of tracking the waiting pool stats!

Families Remaining in the Pool from May: 77
Families Leaving the Pool: 6 (3.7%)
New Families: 4 (4.9%)
Net Change Since May 1st:  -1, (-1.2%)
Net Change Since June 1st:  -2, (-2.4%)

Couples: 78 (96%) (+1)
Single: 3 (4%) (-1)
Heterosexual: 47 (58%) (-2)
Gay: 19 (23%) (+1)
Lesbian: 12 (15%) (--)
Single: 3 (4%)

As a first, this update includes charts to show how things have been changing over time!  Some of our major metrics have included total number of families and sexual orientation.  The total number of families has been relatively constant even though a fair amount have entered and left the pool.  Sexual orientation is one of our other major metrics because we tend to compare ourselves to other gay families more than any other type of families in the pool.  It's possible that some birthfamilies may prefer to choose non-gay families which has been in evidence as OA&FS has past statistics that the average wait time for non-heterosexual couples is a slightly longer than heterosexual couples. In our minds, we tend to think that most birthfamilies that choose gay families are either looking at every family or only at gay families.  Additionally, it's far easier to compare ourselves to 20-ish families rather than 80+  :)

Also, it's time for an overall update on our progress in addition to the waiting pool stats.  Andy and I had been expecting to enter the pool sometime in June.  Sadly, we're not in the pool yet, but we should be in there soon.  There has definitely been a lot of work done over the past 9 1/2 weeks since we wrapped up our last homestudy interview.  At this stage, we're just waiting on OA&FS to complete our homestudy report and transfer us into the pool.  We've got our fingers crossed that it will be this week, so keep an eye out for a future update!

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