Friday, July 20, 2012

Being Prepared for Last Minute Placements

A last minute placement is called "last minute" because...well, it is!  Rather than having months, weeks, or even just days to prepare, a last minute placement means that an adoptive family may only have hours from hearing about a baby to welcoming that same baby into their home.

After our latest screening email, being ready for a last minute placement is crucial.  We had already started putting together a list and getting things ready, but now I think we might be motivated to move a little faster!  Because you know we love lists, here are some highlights from our pre-placement to-do list that apply to a last minute placement:

 - Prep a permanent 'last minute' travel bag for us
 - Prep a 'last minute' travel bag for a baby
 - Research and buy a car seat (Done!)
 - Take parenting classes (Scheduled!)
 - Create a photo album that we can show to birthfamilies during a first meeting
 - Compile our drug & alcohol exposure research
 - Create a list of questions for "the call" and for a first-time meeting with a birthfamily
 - Pick some go-to baby names and decide on a last name

Newly arrived car seat and stroller!
From this list, we already have the absolute basic piece covered which is the car seat as we can't bring a child home from the hospital without one.  The rest are more in there to smooth out the process.  Beyond this 'last minute list,' we have plenty of other things on our overall list like finding a pediatrician, setting up insurance, getting on a daycare waiting list, prepping for a babyshower, but these will be our top priorities for the next few weeks.  Some of these things should be really fun, so be on the lookout for some exciting posts in the near future!


  1. Ah, setting up the insurance is the easy part. If you each have ins through your own employer it's deciding whose plan is better for a baby. (I guess it's obvious which department I work in...).

  2. "Elise" has a nice ring to it :)
    Soooo excited!