Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Names - Library of Info!

A couple weeks ago, we had a fun post about baby names.  In the post, we referenced one website (US Social Security Administration) which has a great history of baby name popularity directly from the government.  After that post, many of you had some great comments and suggestions for other resources as well.  Rather than keeping all of that fun info to ourselves, we thought it would be much more fun to share it with all of you and to essentially create a go-to reference post for everything about baby names!

Baby Name Wizard
Being a data dork, this site is just...fantastic.  The main page greets you with 4 options.  You can search for a name, graph a name's popularity, see a name's popularity by state on a map over time, or find some common meanings of names.  As an example, here is the overall summary page of results for my name.  It's full of lots of goodies like the 4 big ones and then other fun things like global popularity by country.

This is a fun website that allows you to suggest a single name.  Then it jumps in and suggests other names based on the one given.  In essence, it's a generator for name ideas if you're just starting out with a couple names on the list.

Name Nerds
This is a simple site that has some names grouped together by origin.
Behind the Name
Has some good info on the etymology and history behind first names.

As a fun teaser, here is a name graph for one of the names that is currently on my shortlist:

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