Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quick Update

To get started, I want to thank everyone that's been reading the blog.  All of your comments and support through facebook, emails, calls, in person, etc., has really been amazing!

On Thursday, our series of posts documented everything from getting 'the call' up through our first meeting with our birthmother.  Where we left off, the next step was for Courtney (our counselor from OA&FS) to check back with everyone to make sure we were all happy and ok to move forward.  Good news, that was the case so we're still on track! 

Over the next few weeks, we'll have lots of fun posts as we get to know the birthmother more (perhaps even share her name here if we have permission), ultrasound pictures, and our thoughts as we progress through all of the  fun baby preparation work we have ahead!
  • Waiting Pool
  • Chosen by Birthfamily 
  • Adoption Planning I
    •  Between Adoption Planning I & II
  • Adoption Planning II (1-2 weeks before delivery)
  • Delivery (C-Section scheduled for Nov 12th)
  • Placement

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