Sunday, October 21, 2012

No One Puts Baby in the Closet!

Every week closer we get to this child's birth, the more our home is feeling ready. This weekend, it was time to get the crib in place! Brian's parents generously offered to get us a crib, and we've had the boxes sitting around for at least a few days now. Everything was good to go, except... there was nowhere to put it.

We're planning for the baby to sleep in our room at first, and then eventually to move to his own room next to ours. But for the first few months at least, we'll have the crib in our room. And that thing isn't small! So after struggling with IKEA-like instructions for a few hours this morning, we had an almost fully assembled crib sitting right in the middle of our room, and it didn't fit anywhere.

We tried next to the bed, but it completely blocked the closet. We tried putting it at the foot of the bed, but the blankets seemed like too much of a suffocation hazard. We even tried right by the door, but couldn't get around it to move in and out of the room. But suddenly, there was a stroke of inspiration:

Brian (joking): We could just put the baby in the closet...
Andy: No one puts Baby in the closet!
Andy: Actually... hand me the tape measure.

As it turns out, our closet is actually the perfect size for the crib, down to an inch on either side! We took out the two small dressers and easily relocated them, took the doors off, and voilĂ ! A built-in mini-nursery.

On a side note, we have way too many stuffed animals for two adult men. Luckily, there'll be a baby soon to make it seem more reasonable!

Next step, we need to paint the walls - white walls for a closet makes sense, but is far too drab for this kid!

One more thing marked off our list :)


  1. hahaha... this made me laugh out loud. Excellent problem solving! Josh and I were recently reflecting back on the early days of Cora's life, when the 3 of us lived in one tiny room, along with our double bed, Cora's travel bassinet, my desk and desktop computer, a file cabinet, and two dressers. Oy.

  2. Ok ... the insurance adjuster in me .... you can't have anything that can fall on the baby on the shelf above it.


    I am very excited for you.

    1. Don't worry - now that we're painting, the shelf's gone and isn't coming back :)

  3. I think this is great. I just started a blog about my experiences having gay parents:

    and reused your closet meme and made the image into a link to your page. Best of luck. I am sure you are going to be wonderful, caring, involved, and ~thorough~ daddies :)

    1. Thanks for sharing! You have some great posts on your blog, and it's great to hear about your experiences.