Monday, June 3, 2013

New House!

It's weird to realize it, but tomorrow marks the one-month anniversary of our family living in our new home.  The entire month of May went by really fast.  As we moved out of our old condo into the new house, we were unpacking boxes, painting, coordinating the remodel of our condo...oh, and taking care of Dominic!

This time has been very exciting for us as a lot of this move has been with him in mind.  We've gone from a condo that had no neighborhood or parks to speak of, to a house on a quiet cul-de-sac.  Our neighbors have kids.  We can walk to a great park with baseball fields, beach volleyball courts, a giant playground, green space, and a beach!  There's also a fantastic commercial area with loads of restaurants, coffee shops, and local stores.  Given the presence of two frozen yogurt shops, I foresee lots of "walks" in our future.

Wall removal
Speaking of the future, we've made a lot of progress with the house.  In the 3 weeks before the housewarming party, we had a fair amount of work done.  After having a structural wall removed, we got to work painting our den, remaining arch wall, living room, and kitchen.  It was exciting to share our progress as well as our brand new digs with so many of our friends and family in the area.

Painting the den
We still have a long ways to go to paint the rest of the house and fill it out with furniture and other essentials, but we're starting to settle into a more casual style of updating the house.

Part of the slowdown is due to our general sanity, but the other part is due to selling off our old condo.  It's about to go on the market later this week, and we certainly have our fingers crossed that we'll be able to sell it for a decent price.  Once we're free from that major financial anchor, it will give us a lot more freedom to invest in the house as well as look to the future.

Today's newly installed countertop at the condo!
We've mentioned in the past that we're a ways out from beginning the adoption process again.  The earliest we could start things up again is in November.  Being able to complete our move and sell off the condo will help erase a lot of our economical question marks before we establish enough savings and begin Round 2 of the months/years-long process.

As we have a brand new house with a bedroom just waiting for Dominic's future brother or sister, I know that I'm really looking forward to the days, weeks, months, and years to come in our new home!  I know that Dominic is already enjoying the new digs as he's had plenty of parties with his wild stuffed animal friends  :)


  1. One month! I can hardly believe it. See you and the new house soon.
    Grandma Mel

  2. So happy for you guys! The house looks great, and so does Mr. Dominic :) Can't wait to make it out there to send my love in person - hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Love, Kerry Anne

  3. Andy & Brian-

    I don't know you guys, and I feel like a huge stalker even writing on your blog... but I want you to know that I have read through your entire blog, and you two have helped my husband and I so much. We have been battling infertility for the past 3 years, and just got the word a month ago that it won't happen for us. We decided to adopt, but we decided to take a break for about a year and just focus on us, to recover from the heartbreak of infertility before embarking on the wonderful journey of adoption.

    Being the type-A person that I am, I of course had to start on my research. I found your blog when I was trying to find a comparison on Amara vs. OA&FS. I read every single one of your posts in one night. It scared me, I cried, but in the end I felt like OA&FS had to be the way for us to go. Dominic is so beautiful, and you guys look so happy.

    Open adoption seemed so scary before, and although the days you guys had in the hospital still seem impossible to get through, I know it's for us. I want to thank you both for being so detailed, not just with the logistics of adopting, but with the true emotions you felt during the process. You have given us answers to some of the hardest questions we've had.

    Good luck to you both, and again, thank you.


    1. Jennifer,

      We're both really happy that our blog has been so helpful! The decision to adopt a child is certainly a momentous one. In a way, I think that really helps every adoptive family be incredibly prepared and excited to become parents.

      There are times that an open adoption is incredibly trying as you know from our posts (hospital, waiting, ...paperwork!). Of course, the long-term rewards are invaluable and have made us much better parents. If there is anything we can do to help further, just let us know!

      - Brian