Monday, April 23, 2012

Homestudy Interview #2

This morning marked another step forward as we had our second homestudy interview!  First off, we're in an adoption stage known as the "Homestudy."  While part of this stage is getting our home approved for children (already completed in Interview #1), the majority of the time is spent collecting additional information about us as a family.  Katie, our counselor, went over several important topics like our relationship, how we operate as a couple, general strengths/weaknesses, how our parents influenced us, and how we plan to handle discipline.

Before we wrapped things up, we talked about transracial adoption and the Screening Tool.  Before the meeting, Andy and I went through a special transracial adoption packet of information.  With Katie, we talked about our perspectives and she really felt that we're both completely ready for a transracial adoption.  With the Screening Tool, Katie gave a great overview and answered a lot of our questions.  In the next couple of weeks, Andy and I will do some research and finalize some of our answers beyond the draft level discussion in our previous blog posts.
  • Homestudy Interview #1 - April 9th
  • Homestudy Interview #2 - April 23rd
  • Homestudy Interview #3 & #4 - April 25th 
Next up, we have interviews #3 and #4.  This homestudy interview was the last one where Katie meets with both of us at once.  On Wednesday afternoon, Andy and I will have separate interviews where we meet with her one-on-one to talk about more personalized information, the autobiographies we submitted, and any other info Katie will need to write our homestudy report.  Check back later this week for final homestudy interview updates!

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