Thursday, June 5, 2014

Waiting Pool Entry!

Andy and I are officially in the waiting pool as of today!  This means that we are essentially "pregnant" but with an unknown due date.  With OA&FS (our agency), an adoptive family can be selected at any time once they are in the waiting pool.  There is not a set amount of time to wait until we have a placement.

So on average, what is our expected wait time?  In our last post about waiting pool stats, I noted that there were 98 families in the waiting pool at the start of June.  Our agency has about 35-45 placements each year.  Assuming 45 placements per year, it would take over 2 years for every family in the waiting pool to get selected.  For us, we're assuming an average wait time would be about 1.5 to 2 years.

This means we likely have plenty of time to splash around in the waiting pool.  A couple of years ago, we splashed around with Charley, the happy adoption waiting pool whale.  This time around, I think we'll hang out with Ginger, the glamorous waiting pool giraffe.  Considering that this time around, we'll likely be waiting much longer, I've upgraded us to have a slide and a fountain!  (It's entirely possible I might have to buy us one of these now that I've found it online...)
Ginger, our waiting pool giraffe


  1. Hi there, we are just starting our adoption journey with OA&FS and have loved reading your blog and learning what we can expect. Our seminar is in a couple weeks and we are super excited! Congrats on entering the pool! We hope to be there with you soon! (unless of course you are picked before then, which would be awesome!)
    -Mallory & Aaron (

  2. Thanks! I'm glad that our blog has been fun to read. It's just our personal experience, but hopefully it's helpful for you as you work your way through the process.

    Be sure to enjoy the seminar in a couple weeks. It's crazy in-depth and covers a lot of things, and it really gets you into the mindset of how an open adoption works. It'll also just be fun for you to meet several other adoptive families right at the same point you are!

    1. Yes I am really excited to connect with other families on this path as well, it's definitely something that most people can't relate to! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for including me in your blog updates. I just finished reading your letter and book and watching your video. Will you adopt me?? ;) Best wishes for a another healthy happy child. Dominic is a sweetheart and I have enjoyed watching him grow through your pictures and updates. I hope to someday meet Brian and Dominic and your new baby. Have a wonderful summer. Aunt Mary

  4. This time around you have Dominic! BUY the pool it's way too cool!

  5. I might have just seen a Lion version of the pool at the store and bought it :)