Monday, June 2, 2014

Waiting Pool - June Stats

While we're waiting to get word that we've entered the waiting pool, it's time for a fresh round of statistics on our adoption agency's waiting pool.  This post holds extra meaning as it essentially represents the baseline for when we enter the pool!

First up is our ongoing chart that tracks the total number of families in the waiting pool.  Ever since the start of 2014 in January, the waiting pool has expanded in size from 89 families to 98.  If we count our family as #99, that makes for an increase of about 10%.

For every family in the waiting pool to be selected for placement, it would take about 2 years and 73 days.  This assumes an average of 45 placements per year and that no new families join the waiting pool.  (Unrealistic on that last one, but it provides some perspective.)

Next up is families by orientation.  All groups of adoptive families have held mostly steady since January.  The biggest increase taking place in Straight and Single-parent families.

The last chart is one that I first created in April.  It shows the waiting pool breakdown between adoptive families that have children already and those that do not.  Aside from being a gay family, we feel that this is one of the other big categories that a potential birthfamily would use to sift through the waiting pool which is relevant to us.

Since April, a total of 6 families were selected or left the waiting pool.  Of these 6 families, 5 did not have children and 1 family did.  This doesn't provide enough data for any conclusions, but the rate of selection for adoptive families with children comes out at 1/6 or 17%.  In April, the percentage of families in the waiting pool with kids was 18%.

So, what does all of this mean?  It means that I'm a total dork.  No more, no less.  I just like to track stats, and it helps me make sense of a process that is completely beyond my control.  Also, it will give me something to do in the upcoming months of waiting for a little baby boy or baby girl to join our family!

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  1. Brian, if you're a dork for posting all these numbers, then I guess I'm one to since I can relate 100%. I love all reading all your stats.
    Love, Mel