Monday, June 30, 2014

Waiting Pool Stats - July

After 6 months of posting statistics on the waiting pool, we are now officially a part of those statistics!  These graphs will take on a little extra meaning now for us.

Total Families in the Waiting Pool
Since I just put together a more substantial post here, this entry will just be about the basic nuts and bolts of the numbers.  As shown below, there is a clear upward trend in the number of families that are in the waiting pool.  For the first time this year, the number of waiting families has hit the 100 mark.

Compared to June, there was a net gain of 2 families.  However that only tells part of the story.  In total, 8 new families joined the pool while 6 families left the pool.
Next up, our ongoing stats by orientation.  Even with 6 families leaving the pool and 8 new families joining, there were was minimal change with each group changing between 0 and 2 families total.

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