Sunday, August 26, 2012

Newborn Care Class

Keeping up with our parental education, we attended a newborn care class on Sunday.  It was part of a broader class that dealt with 'Childbirth and Newborn Care,' but our adoption route meant that we could skip the first portion of the class dealing with childbirth.  Similar to our baby sign language class, we walked into another unfamiliar environment.

This time around, rather than walking into a room full of straight couples and all of their babies, we joined a class of straight couples that were all pregnant and had already spent a full day together with the instructor.  In some ways, being an adoptive gay couple really means that we're doing a terrible job at conforming to societal norms!

The class itself was a good experience.  We got some brief rundowns on subjects like postpartum depression (fathers get it too!), feeding, umbilical cord cleaning, car seats, and swaddling.  It was fun when all of the interactive materials came out.  There were little containers of diapers, onesies, and blankets, and then next to those was a giant tub of babies.  You know... just like real life.

Overall, it was a rather quick rundown on some important things, and we enjoyed being in a room with many future parents.  Like many first-time parents, we still don't feel 100% prepared for a baby, but we're becoming more and more comfortable and ready for when that time comes. 

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