Monday, August 27, 2012

Sign Class Graduation (or, Why Brian is a Bastard)

You may remember a few weeks ago when Brian and I started going to a baby sign language class. Well as of this weekend, we are officially graduates of the Hop to Signaroo program!

I'm not sure if this counts as accredited...
Despite our initial reservations (when we showed up and were the only people there without an infant), it turned out to be a lot of fun and we learned a lot. I now know over a hundred signs for various foods, family members, animals, and other things that seem like they'll be really useful for a young toddler.

There was a brief snafu when we tried to come up with name signs for "Daddy Andy" and "Daddy Brian", though. Combining the sign for "Dad" with the letter "A" worked fine. But when we tried to do the same with "Dad" and "B", when inadvertently ended up with the sign for "bastard". Now, I'm not gonna go into whether I think that's an appropriate sign for Brian or not, but suffice it to say that we had to come up with something else!

It was also really encouraging to see some of the kids in the class start picking up on signs after just a few weeks. Some of them were as old as 8 or 9 months, and they really seemed to get it quite quickly. One in particular had 4 signs down by the end of 4 weeks, and it seemed like the floodgates were flying open!

All in all, a good experience, and I really liked our teacher (Nancy Hanauer). Highly recommended to anyone in the Seattle area!


  1. I went to the Hop to Signaroo website and looked at the class photos page. I think it's super cute that Nancy takes pictures of all of her graduates. Also, did you check out picture #27? Hilarious! The two babies in the middle are crying, the one on the left is looking at them like "Dudes, chill!" and the one on the right is oblivious.

  2. Hi Andy and Brian. Thank you so much for the wonderful endorsement of my class! It was a pleasure to meet and work with both of you, and I certainly hope you have an addition to your family very soon! I'm so pleased I found your blog. Love the humor and I'll follow if that's okay.

    And Tatiana, yes, that photo is a riot isn't it? I thought the same thing about the babies' expressions. In 12 yrs of teaching and more than 2,000 baby graduates that is the best photo ever! ;0)

  3. Hehe that is a great picture :)

    Also, the more the merrier around here, so welcome to the blog Nancy!

  4. I just saw that you're following my blog so I wanted to check out yours. Then I saw your post about signing and I work as a sign language interpreter so I had to read this entry first. I looked at the picture of your class and saw that my friend Tiffany took the sign class with you. Tiffany has been a friend of mine for years. We had blogs together, went through surrogacy together and even went to two colleges together (including one for sign language). She's awesome. And if you know her then you're awesome too. That's just a fact. :-D

    1. Hey, glad you found us here! It was actually through her that we found your blog in the first place, so I'd say it's not quite a coincidence :) I've really enjoyed reading about your experiences "on the other side" so far!