Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stroller and Car Seat

A while back, we posted about our research and process in picking a car seat.  We ordered one and thought it would be fun to take a few pictures when we pulled everything out of the box.  Enjoy!

I was excited to open the boxes

Andy was excited to have instructions

An assembled stroller!  Without children around, we gave the cats first dibs, but they kept running away.

Alex looking warily at our new acquisition


  1. I love your new car seat / stroller. I'll pray that your new (non-cat) bundle arrives sooner than later to put in it.

    PS - Brian, the incredible engineer you are, did you turn the boxes into a fort? Even without fort instructions?

  2. Haha a box fort could have been fun!

  3. exact same color and system we have. well done ;)

  4. Okay, when you are ready for an umbrella stroller, you MUST but a MacLaren. I cannot say enough about the merits of the model.