Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Waiting Pool Stats - August Edition

Now that's it's August, time for a quick check-in on the waiting pool!

State of the Waiting Pool for Adoptive Families
Total Number of Families: 83
Families Remaining in the Pool from May: 74
Families Leaving the Pool: 7 (-8.6%)
New Families: 9 (+11.1%)
Net Change Since May 1st:  +1, (+1.2%)
Net Change Since July 1st:  +2, (+2.5%)

Couples: 80 (96%) (+1)
Single: 3 (4%) (-1)
Heterosexual: 50 (60%) (+3)
Gay: 20 (24%) (+1)
Lesbian: 10 (12%) (-2)
Single: 3 (4%) (--)

First off, this is our first edition of the waiting pool stats where we're part of them!  In July, a total of 9 new families joined the pool, so we jumped into the waiting pool at a busy time.  Speaking of this being a busy time, there's been a lot going on since our last update.  Since entering the pool with Charley on July 12th, we have already had 4 screening emails.

Additionally, there has been some busy travel weekends for a wedding at Notre Dame and a family reunion (Andy's) over in western Maryland.  Traveling for both of these events definitely has had us thinking about family.  For me, it is especially apparent how cool it can be for a child to have siblings. Between seeing siblings together at a family wedding and several generations interact at a family reunion, I'm really glad we're planning on adopting at least two kids.

What else is next?  Well, we had a post where we listed some items that we have to get done to be ready for last minute placements.  We've made some progress on a lot of fronts, but the exciting part is that we have our first parenting class this Saturday.  Wish us luck!

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