Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dominic Jackson Magee

We have permanently marked our calendars for November 12th.  The little boy that we will be adopting was born at 12:24pm!

A few hours ago, we announced his name to our immediate family and many of our friends.  Despite many of our friends ribbing us for "not knowing" his name in recent days, we actually didn't decide on the name of Dominic Jackson until minutes before seeing him for the first time in the hospital.  It was a close duel between Ethan and Dominic, but Dominic won out in the end.  It helped make the decision easier knowing that Carly and the birth father really liked the name Dominic as well.  The middle name of Jackson came from the name that Carly gave him: Jackson William.

There will be many more posts in the coming days, but here are a few more pictures of Dominic from tonight:

Lastly, I feel it is important to note that the adoption is still not finalized.  Legally, the earliest that any baby in Washington can be relinquished is 48 hours after the birth.  For Dominic, that would be Wednesday afternoon.  Everything still appears to be on track with the adoption plan, but I also don't want to take a presumptive tone as this is still Carly's decision to make.  As time and events move forward, we'll continue to share updates on our family's progress in the adoption process.


  1. I LOVE all these photos! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you are all managing during these initial exciting, wonderful, sleep-deprived days :) Love you.

  2. Looks like you guys are already well on your way to not getting enough sleep or having time to shave. :) Great to hear that everything is going well so far - love you guys!

  3. You guys make a great family.

    I just want to thank Carly for being so strong and awesome to get Dominic two great Dads!


  4. I had a feeling I should pop over to your blog....Congratulations Brian and Andy!!!! I am so thrilled for you both...and Dominic - what a lucky, little boy he is!