Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Spirit!

Grammy Mary!
It's been great having my mom in town this weekend.  Her excitement to see Dominic in the days before her trip out to Seattle has only been trumped by her excitement to be here in person.

Grammy Mary will only be out for a few days, but she's already gotten in some good memories with Dominic.  There have been all the usual things like feedings, diaper changes, naps, and Dominic's first Nebraska game on TV.  Another great milestone has been decorating for the holidays.  When I was younger, it was always a lot of fun to decorate the house for the holidays by putting up the tree, Christmas lights, and playing holiday music.  With Grammy Mary around to help take care of Dominic, the three of us spent Friday afternoon putting up Christmas decorations.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Mantle with stockings
Christmas tree
Ornament from my parents
Dominic's first ornament

Even better, Molly and Angie stopped by today with a special Christmas present for Dominic!  His new stocking is amazingly cute  :)

Dominic's Stocking


  1. We bought the same ornament (baby makes three). Good taste. - Tatiana

  2. What a Thanksgiving this is to remember. A new son. A new life to be thankful for.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Love ya always, Grandma Mel
    PS - that stocking is absolutely adorable!!!