Monday, November 5, 2012

How Time Flies...

I got into work this morning, and found this e-mail: "Sixth Annual Microsoft Adoption Fair is Nov 9".

The timing seems oddly fitting. November 9 (this Friday) will be my last day at work before starting parental leave. And it was almost exactly one year ago that Brian and I really started this journey, with the Microsoft adoption fair last November. That was when we first got information on OA&FS, and when the ball really started rolling.

Of course, at that point, the plan was to try to have a child by 2014. The astute among you will note that we're a couple years early :) But while moving ahead so quickly may have been a surprise, it was definitely not unwelcome!

I may stop by the fair on Friday, since there will probably be some folks from the agency there who we know, and they have a few short seminars on topics that may still be useful for us. But more than that, it seems like a really fitting way to close this chapter in our adoption story and plunge on into the next!

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