Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dominic's First Football Saturday

Dominic and Alex
As Dominic was lucky enough to be born during the football season, he is now 5 days old and experiencing his first football Saturday!  To start out the morning, Dominic gave us his own present by sleeping 4 straight hours from 3am to 7am.  He might have slept longer, but I got up and made sure he could have his diaper changed and get a feeding in.  After that, we moved downstairs to watch pregame activities.  However, Dominic crashed right away, so I had the joy of cuddling with both Dominic and Alex for a little while which was really nice.

Big boy pants!
Since I'm a big Nebraska fan, it's a guarantee that we would be watching daddy's team at 12:30pm.  Not only that, Grandpa Bill and Grammy Mary sent out a great Husker outfit for Dominic, so he could show some team spirit!  However, the "0-3 Months" outfit was a bit big.  We slipped him into a rather roomie onesie and then brought the pants over just for fun...he might have to grow into those  :)

Once Dominic was all ready to go, we took some fun family pictures in our Nebraska gear before heading downstairs to feed Dominic and do a quick Skype with Andy's mom before the game.

Daddy and Dominic
Papa and Dominic

Is it time for food?
Feeding time!


  1. Also, props to Travis and Dustin for the Husker bib! They also gave us a pacifier and a bottle for Dominic too which was really awesome. He'll be sporting those two when he's a bit older :)

  2. Dominic is adorable...such a perfectly round head (!) and chubby cheeks and bright eyes! ;0) So happy everything went so well and so fast for your new family!

  3. Aww thanks Nancy!

    Also, it's really early, but we're already trying to get in the habit on signing things like "milk" and "change" for him. Your class was great and we're both really looking forward to the time when he starts to pick them up and sign back at us!

  4. Yay, signing superheroes! ;0) I'm impressed, Brian! Feel free to use the signs now if it's not too overwhelming. It can't hurt and may help you and Andy become really consistent before Dominic is even able to sign back. However,if it is too much now or in the near future, just wait a few months until Dominic's visual acuity, manual dexterity, cognitive ability and memory all start to come together to make signing possible, which is usually at about 5 months of age. BUT, you never know, your son may be a prodigy! :0) I've had a few families who started at about 3.5 or 4 months of age and their babies signed back within two months. Do keep me posted on your progress once Dominic starts signing back!