Thursday, November 15, 2012

Visits & Baby Health

Over the past few days, we've seen and heard so many great notes, texts, emails, voicemails, Facebook comments, blog comments, etc.  It is truly a great feeling to be inundated with so many wonderful messages!  Also, a fair number of people are excited to see Dominic!  I know... kind of crazy how people want to see an adorable baby   :)

While we'd love to be our typical planner selves and schedule visits for everyone that wants to come over, we're actually busy taking care of a baby!  So, we're going to be a bit lazy and ask everyone that wants to come visit to contact us.  We're still trying to figure out a general schedule for Dominic, but we may shoot for visits between 5 and 7pm during the weekdays.  On weekends, we'll figure those out as we go.  So send us a message if you want to come visit, and we can figure it out from there.

On an important note, our primary job as parents is to take good care of Dominic and make sure he stays healthy. A baby's immune system is practically non-existent and therefore extremely vulnerable in the first two months.  A simple cold in an adult typically remains a cold.  However, a cold in a baby can be much more harmful without an immune system to fight it.  Even after a hospital stay and his first pediatrician visit, Dominic has only had one vaccination (Hepatitis B), and he won't have any more until he reaches 2 months.  To help keep him happy and healthy, here are two rules we're setting for people that see him between now and that 2-month mark in January:
  • Be up to date on your shots (Flu and whooping cough are the big ones - Tdap or a booster as needed for whooping cough)
  • No colds!  If you're sick, feeling a cold coming on, or still recovering, please wait until you're 100%.


  1. Don't forget to force hand sanitizer/hand washings on people. Nothing like another layer of protection against germy peeps! :)

  2. Yeah, I was tempted to throw that on the list too. After 3 failed attempts at calling people dirty or accusing them of hugging every single person on a crowded bus in downtown Seattle, I gave up and figured we'd handle it as needed :)

  3. While toooo clean can also become a problem (then the immune system doesn't have enough ammo to deal with stuff later in life - think allergies), I applaud you guys for requiring the Tdap! Especially out there where there have been outbreaks lately.