Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week #3

Dominic is 2 weeks old as of Monday.  Rather than having a quiet 3rd week, we've been keeping busy:

Example of PKU Test
On Monday, he had his second pediatrician visit.  We found out that Dominic was doing really well and near the 50th percentile for length, weight, and head circumference which was great.  He's also up to 8 lbs 3.5 oz which was a huge jump from his last weigh in of 7 lbs 2 oz.   The hard part was his follow up pku test.  I held him as they pricked his foot and squeezed out several drops of blood into 4 separate circles on a card.  Dominic rarely screams or desperately cries, so it was really tough to hold him when that happened.  I just held him close while the nurse pulled on his leg and got drop after drop onto the card.  It was pretty tough for me as I anticipated it being a quick thing to get done.  Instead, it took at least 5 drops of blood per circle which was really unpleasant  :(

Yesterday we had our first official meeting with an adoption counselor since bringing Dominic home from the hospital a couple weeks ago.  Our original counselor, Katie, stopped by our house for a couple hours to do a general check-in meeting.  Compared to our homestudy sessions back in April, this was pretty low key.  Katie had a set of questions to go through, but it was mostly just making sure that we were surviving the first couple of weeks ok.  As some newborn babies can require a lot of attention, time, and effort, it's probably wise for the agency to make sure new adoptive parents are holding up all right!  We'll have 1-2 more visits from either Katie or Courtney until the adoption is legally finalized.

Picture of our wedding rings by Amy
Another super exciting thing on the docket is that Dominic will feel like a celebrity tomorrow!  We've talked to our super awesome wedding photographer and she'll be over to take some pictures of Dominic.  Amy is really fun and took some great pictures for our wedding, so we're looking forward to seeing her again and having some great early pictures of Dominic.

Lastly, I wanted I've tacked on a brief video of today's tummy time.  He was awake and did great.  This video shows a little movement, and he got in even more leg movement after this was recorded.  Definitely an upgrade over Monday's tummy time which was really just naptime.


  1. I just love this! I am amazed by this growing baby boy. Thank you for keeping me up to date on his wonderfulness! Love, Aunt Sue

  2. Reading your more recent posts reminds me of the early days with Summer. How long ago it seems, but in truth it has only been ten months! It truly is amazing how much they change in a year.